Peyronie s Disease Treatment

peyronie s diseasePeyronie s disease is a disease that is known to cause a lot of pain among men. This is a disease that trigger’s the occurring of scar tissues that are fibrous within the penis in turn leading to erections that are curved and very painful. This condition makes it hard for a man to enjoy sexual intercourse or even maintain an erection for long. This disease also has the ability to cause a lot of stress as well as anxiety among men at times making their lives unbearable and full of pain. However, upon the conducting of the necessary tests and coming up with a diagnosis, such make are normally put on various forms of Peyronie s disease treatment.

Before being put on Peyronie s disease treatment, a doctor may opt to wait a little bit longer to see if the man’s condition worsens by looking at various issues. Such issues include the severeness of the penises curvature, the ability of the man to have sex without experience any pain as well as the amount of pain experienced by the man during an erection. If such issues as stated above worsen, then the doctor will have to recommend the necessary measures to counter the disease.

One of the ways that the doctor may go about Peyronie s disease treatment is the administering of various forms of medication. There are various form of oral medication that may be used to counter this disease. There are even some forms of medication that are administered by being injected into the penis in order to reduce pain as well as curvature caused by Peyronie s disease. The affected man may need to receive injections severally for some months. A local aesthetic is normally used to reduce pain during the administering of the injections. Among the most used injection medication include Verapamil and Interfon.

Another Peyronie s disease treatment method commonly used by doctors and has been said to be most effective is surgery. This is a form of treatment normally recommended by doctors in cases where the disease has caused severe penile deformities that may prevent a man from engaging in sexual activity. There are various surgical procedures used in treating Peyronie s disease the most common ones being the shortening of the side that is not affected by the disease, making the affected side longer and using penile implants. The surgery method recommended by the doctor will depend on the extent in which the man’s penis has been affected. There are some cases in which the doctor may have to circumcise the man in cases where the man is not circumcised to make it easy for him to conduct the surgery as required.

There are several other Peyronie s disease treatment methods that are currently under investigation by professionals. So far, some studies have been shown to have possible side effects. Such methods under investigations include treatment via radiation therapy, shock wave therapy as well as penile traction therapy. It is however important for men to ensure that they see a doctor as soon as they notice any changes on their penile structure as well as when they start experiencing any forms of pain during an erection or sexual intercourse.

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