Penis Curvature – How To Straighten and Lengthen Your Penis

Penis curvature can cause men a lot of anguish in a number of different ways. Firstly there is the pain some men sufferer if they have a server degree of curvature, this is actually a condition known as Peyronie’s Disease . Then there is the embarrassment many men sufferer from the look and shape of their penis, a lot of men (rightly or wrongly) feel they are inadequate as their penis is not only oddly shaped, but as a result their penis is shorter due to the effect of the curve.

All of the above conditions can lead to men suffering a loss of confidence and feeling inadequate in the bedroom , even avoiding sexual contact all together and hiding away in the corner of the change rooms.

Essentially what causes penis curvature is not always known, some men are simply born with the condition and others experience the symptoms of penis curvature after some sort of trauma to the penis. What generally happens is plaque builds up in region along the shaft of the penis as shown on the image above. When this curve results in a bend of greater than 30% it becomes known as a condition called peyronie’s disease and can be cause very painful erections.

The good news is you can regain this lost confidence and treat your penis curvature effectively by stretching your penis. This can be done one of two ways.

1. Manual stretching, manual stretching (such as the exercise program you can find at the following link CLICK HERE ) involve preforming a series of exercises everyday for around 30 minutes, over time the cells in the penis stretch and the region of curvature straightens out.

2. Stretching using a stretching or traction device. By far the most effective way to straighten and lengthen your penis is to use a device that is known as a stretching or traction device. This device is much  like a brace which holds the penis in a stretched state, what most people do not know is they are so discrete you can wear them under your normal clothing. The way they work is the same as manual stretching, cells are stretched and in turn divide and form new cells, much like the way tribes woman can stretch their necks and today’s youth stretch their ear lobes to wear large gauge ear rings. To check out the most highly recommended stretching device online take a look at the following link CLICK HERE

By using either of these methods you can successfully straighten out your penile curvature and increase the length of your penis by up to 4 to 5 inches in a matter of a few months, by simply following a daily routine of stretching exercises or wearing a stretching device.

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