Penis Curvature

Penis Curvature can be a frustrating and debilitating affliction. Many people may not be aware that the condition Penis Curvature had its own name, Peyronie’s Disease.

Penis Curvature can be painful both from a physical perspective and an emotional perspective. Many men with Penis curvature have trouble with sexual relations as it can simply be to painful or they are to embarrassed about the shape of their penis.

Penis Curvature is usually the result of a build up of plaque in the penis, which has formed due to some trauma to the penis itself. The plaque forms a hard scar tissue like region in the two regions that make up the corpora cavernosa (see illustration below). This region no longer stretches and it is at this point the penis bends when erect.

The good news is there are now a number of treatments to correct Penis curvature, the most effective and non invasive of these is using a stretching device, such as the one found here.

By following a routine of daily stretching you can soon straighten out your penis, usually with in a matter of a few short months.

The way it works is the stretching or traction device as they are commonly called, gently over time stretches the cells in the penis. The result of this stretching is it promoted new cellular growth in the region of the plaque and in fact breaks up the hardened area of plaque which in turn leads to a straighter penis and in time reduces all appearance of the penis curvature.

As a bonus of using a stretching device and as a result of straightening your penis, your penis will be longer, thicker and more functional than ever before.

Once straightened a man can regain his confidence in the bedroom and return to a normal pain free sexual relationship.

As with most things there are some good stretching devices and some not so good, you want to make sure you get a device that will specifically treat penis curvature to ensure you get the best results possible.

Learn More About Stretching Device’s and Cure Your Penis Curvature


10 Responses to “Penis Curvature”
  1. aaron says:

    my dick has a curve in it but it doesnt curve up it curves down
    can you please give me some manual exercises that can help


    I am suffering peyronis disease since 7-8 months back. I am looking your help without surgery.
    Please advise me what to do. Tab tolchisine and Cap E is not suitable. May be tolchisine not fit with me.

    Thanks and best regards,

    Md. Farhad Hossain.

  3. Brendan says:

    Hello. I am a 14 1/2 yr old penis bends a little to the left. It doesn”t hurt at all when erected. I”m just concerned what caused it. Is it due to the fact that I masterbate? I”m pretty sure I haven”t finished puberty yet and my penis might still have some growing to do. Is there any chance it could just straighten out on its own? Thanks for taking the time to read this.

  4. tushar says:

    pls tell me how to straight the curvature of penis it bends to the left

  5. JAFFAR ALI says:


    My dick has a curve in it but it doesnt curve up it curves down
    can you please give me some manual exercises that can help, I need permanent cure. i am suffering from last 20yrs.


  6. jake says:

    im 15 1/2 teen and my penus bends a little to the right when erected ….i fell no pain at all….what can it be and how to fix it….it’s not bending from the middle…but from the bottom

    • Jon says:

      Hi jake, it sounds like you are perfectly normal and have nothing to worry about, if you are still concerned I would visit your local doctor for further advice.

  7. sav85 says:

    Hi. I am a 26 yr old male, getting marry soon .My penis bends a little to the left. It doesn’t hurt at all when the time of erection and normal. I’m just concerned what caused it. Is it due to the masturbate? Is there any chance it could just straighten out on its own? Can you please suggest me any medicine or exercise to straighten my penis with out surgery? Thanks for your time to read and your valuable consulting.


    • Jon says:

      It could be perfectly natural if your curvature is slight and there is no pain when you are having an erection, its not due to the way you masturbate.

      As for straightening on its own, this is doubtful, if you want to try and straighten it without using surgery, you can learn more by visiting the following link Click Here

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